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We are happy to announce the second edition of the MS Vilnius International Coin Fair! We would like to invite you to this great event on 16-17 november 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania. We would be very pleasured to welcome you to this big event. The Coin Fair is a great opportunity to present and promote your business. You can register as an exhibitor or get a ticket as a visitor.
MS Vilnius International Coin Fair 2019 is the biggest international numismatic event at this scale held in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.
During this event the numismatic traditions in Europe will be promoted and the investments into the precious metals and collectors’ commodities will be enouraged.
Trade show of coins, medals, investment gold, banknotes, accessories, precious metals and decorations. Beginners, numismatists, collectors, dealers and private investors are all welcomed.
The program includes the following:
·         LOTTERY
·         NETWORKING
·         VIP PARTY (Limited number of places)
·         2 LIVE AUCTIONS ON
·         TRAININGS - How to use the online numismatic online platform millenium State. ( Bullion Gold - Numismatic - Live auctions - Live Bidding System )
For more information or any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you at the fair soon!!!
contact: [email protected]

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