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  1. Now I see what you mean. The back of the "forepart" shows the tail. How devastating! I've been researching it for two days straight!
  2. I'm fairly certain it is the forepart of a man-faced bull. But perhaps you are right and I can determine more with the coin in hand!
  3. Dear Board, Please excuse my use of English but I'm looking for additional information on this coin. Originally, I thought it was from the Senones, c. 1st century BC. However, two knowledgeable numismatists suggested it is Danubian, and more specifically, Kapostaler type, from Hungary/Northern Serbia, c. late 3rd to 2nd century BC. Would that mean that this was issued by the Boii? Any information is appreciated. I'm trying to develop a framework to explain why the forepart of a man-faced bull appears on a Celtic type, which is unheard of until now. 14mm, 1.41g Best Regards, Nick Moli
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