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  1. NEW PUBLICATION: MEDALLIC HISTORY OF THE LOW COUNTRIES (1555-1716) by GERARD VAN LOON English translation directed by John Saunders and Hugo Vanhoudt The set of four volumes of our new publication MEDALLIC HISTORY OF THE LOW COUNTRIES tells the history of the Low Countries for the period 1555 – 1716, documented by medals, jetons and coins. The nature of the Van Loon books is iconic. We can think of no other books in the field of Numismatics, or any other discipline or science, where the leading reference books are nearly 300 years old and still in active current use. This is not only unprecedented but actually amazing. These volumes are so remarkable and important to both Numismatists and Historians that the original printing from the 1720’s are indeed still in regular use. Today, we present you the English translation of the original Dutch version in 4 volumes with full respect to all original drawings as they are each a piece of art. In addition we have added separately full color plates with medals, jetons and coins as they appear in the books. In an effort to make these books available to the largest audience possible, we have deliberately priced them well below other comparable publications in the field. The price for the total set of 4 volumes ( 1800 pages and full color plates) is only 160 euro or 200 USD (in USA). In annex you may find an overview of some pages of these books as examples.
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  3. The Dugniolle books can be ordered for only € 25 per book on: All jetons of The Netherlands (in Dugniolle) are pictures on:
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