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Bon, ben pas mieux ailleurs....

Ils en sont aussi a l'idee d'une recompense pour une victoire indeterminee



NIKHMA means "prize of victory" or "trophy." ΑΠΟ means "from/away from." But NIKHMAΣ isn't a word (NIKHMA is a third declension neuter, which wouldn't take a sigma in any grammatical case or number). ΣΑΠΟ isn't a word, either. ΙΧΘΥΣ is a word (it means fish and is also an acronym for "Jesus Christ, son of God, savior" in Greek), but ΙΧΘE isn't a word, nor is MIT.

I'm puzzled by what the inscription is supposed to say. Googling NIKHMAΣΑΠΟΙΧΘEMIT yields absolutely nothing.




Liddell and Scott lists the neuter "nik8ma -atos, to" as a "prize of victory"

apo = from

They also list ixth8mata, ta as "fish scales, hence scrapings, shavings.

Perhaps an award token for some maritime event? However, for that I am at a loss as to why a double caduceus is featured. It looks suspiciously like a fantasy piece to me.



Désolé de ne pas proposer mieux....




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